Recruiting and New Hires

Inspire new hires from the start.

Integrating people into your corporate culture presents special challenges. Robertson Marketing’s exclusive OnBoarding Track™ program makes it easy to send welcome kits and follow up packages. Make new hires feel like part of the team, part of your culture and a part of something special.

OnBoardingTrack™ is a great new way to welcome new people into your organization and an effective way to increase productivity and loyalty. So don’t just hire — inspire!

Create your own timeline to celebrate a new employee joining the team
30 Days - New recruit accepts job
29 Days - Recruit receives ecard and welcome pack
15 days - Recruit is sent a card to select backpack or branded gift
First Day - Ecard sent
+30 Days - New hire sent gift certificate to company store

For More Information

icon_contact_bottom4 Schedule a demo and let our recognition team strategize on ways to leverage our technology on your next onboarding project.




  • Promote your organization's culture with easily designed welcome kits.
  • Follow up with additional gifts at intervals set by your company.
  • Use Robertson’s extensive gift selection catered to new recruits.
  • Manage the sending of gifts with our easy-to-use online interface.
  • Track recipients in multiple locations worldwide.
  • Leverage our longstanding rewards and recognition expertise.