Move beyond swag.

In a highly competitive global marketplace, your branded merchandise programs need creativity, agility and flexibility to stand out. Our platform can be built to support employee, partner or consumer commerce. Whether you need a single merchandise e-store or multiple sites, Robertson Marketing offers time-tested programs built on a robust foundation.

Once we activate your main brand merchandise store, you can add or subtract stores as you need them, deploy a special event store or promote high-end merchandise with a premium store. Explore our store possibilities, move your program to the next level and motivate your brand. It’s time to demand more from your online branded merchandise store! Giving people fast, dependable online access to order products and services associated with your brand.


Main Corporate Brand Store

Using our experience and tested methodology, Robertson Marketing can onboard, manage or launch from scratch a robust, online corporate brand store that acts as an “anchor” for other possible stores.


Expand and grow your store


Decorate to Order™ (D2O™)

Power to your people! Robertson Marketing’s proprietary tool, Decorate to Order™ (D2O™), allows people to order custom-decorated apparel with no minimum quantities. D2O™ also controls graphic standards by filtering brand and color possibilities depending on the product selected. We can restrict ordering to those with certain authorization levels.



International Online Stores

Every region and country has different preferences. Whether your brand is in one country or one hundred and fifty countries, your online store needs to speak to the region and facilitate meaningful commerce. With our global platform, you can filter store inventory and business rules based the global footprint of your brand.


Enhanced Features

  • Ariba Punch-out
  • SAP & ERP Integration
  • Single Sign-on
  • Cost Center Management
  • P-Card Check-Out
  • Order Approval Workflow



Mobile, Social & More

  • Commerce blogs
  • E-commerce Facebook integration
  • Twitter commerce campaigns
  • Twitter customer support
  • M-commerce
  • Mobile shopping cart


Build specialized stores to foster engagement with your brand.

  • Logo merchandise store
  • Bulk order store
  • Licensed product store
  • Facebook fan store
  • Event store
  • Seasonal store
  • Marketing campaign store
  • Digital download store
  • Marketing support store

Human Resources & Communications

  • Uniform store
  • Holiday gift store
  • Donation store
  • Reward store
  • New hire store
  • Retiree store
  • Employee purchase store
  • Gift certificate store