Why Robertson Marketing?

Togetherness matters: The art and science of brand connection.

Your brand is not an island. It needs people – employees, business partners, customers and fans – to connect with it. And those people need tools to energize that connection.

  • Robertson Marketing builds and provides those tools. Our Global Brand Stores motivate and reward people for being part of the brand journey. They give people fast, dependable online access to order products and services associated with your brand. It’s a unified approach that extends beyond national borders to deliver a true global solution for brand management.
  • We combine our technology, people and expertise to create a solution that meets the demands of global, multi-brand corporations. Our cloud-based solutions are flexible and scalable, growing as organizations expand. We customize our programs to enhance and support our client's unique brands.


How do we do it?

  • icon01 Incredible talent We have the most creative team in the industry. When our technical developers, creative artists and brand managers work together with your organization, your brand can reach its target audience. Whether it’s futuristic web applications or new merchandise ideas, we have the talent and the people to fully support your brand.
  • icon02 Amazing experience Our creativity is buttressed by three decades of experience in brand management for merchandise and rewards programs.
  • icon03 Proven partners Our global platforms are connected with regional expertise. Working with partners we’ve vetted results in an on-target brand message with local support.
  • icon04 Powerful Platforms Robertson Marketing’s online platforms provide scalable, flexible global frameworks, allowing your company to zero in on regions of interest. You can target your brand promotions and reach out to channel partners, vendors and customers in these regions.
  • icon05 Efficiency and cost control In the end, all of our knowledge and experience give our clients the advantage they need — creativity, efficiency, and high quality execution in a furiously competitive world.